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Pedini is the industrial evolution of an artisanal enterprise which continues to be a protagonist in the history of kitchen design for 60 years. 
The Pedini imprint is strictly “handmade in Italy”: the proof of the quality of Pedini’s products is found in numerous recognitions received from international institutes that acknowledge the technological evolution of the company’s manufacturing procedures and the careful selection of environmentally friendly materials and components.


Varier is a modern Scandinavian brand inspired by movement. Known for superior quality and effortless design, our products embody activity, freedom, and innovation. Since 1979, our chairs have offered a uniquely uncompromising experience. They have been meticulously designed in close collaboration with some of the most iconic Scandinavian designers and they have been widely recognized for their positive effects on health.

Variable balans
Peel recliner chair
Varier Multi balans
Varier move
Varier Thatsit

Since 1932 we have produced bed systems able to give people a regenerating sleep. To sleep dynamics we have dedicated our lives.

Results have awarded us with a current production that can cover all the single requests of comfort and need that a customer can wish for and which are able to improve our standards of lifestyle. 

Dorsal rete a motore
Cuscino Mousse
Cuscino Energia

Stressless was introduced in 1971, as the first recliner designed to meet your body’s need for movement and support when seated. The characteristic TV-recliner was a revolution in comfort and functionality, and soon became an international success.

Offering patented features you won’t find on other recliners, from the glide system that follows your slightest movements, to the Plus™ system for correct neck and lumbar support in every position, Stressless® is still known as the ultimate recliner.

Stressless air modulsofa
Stressless View
Stressless City

TEAM 7 is an Austrian firm whose goal is to fuse nature, design and technology to create unique furniture. 
During its history it has been honored of numerous international recognitions that show that the quality and the concept of its furnishing are appreciated all over the world.

zona prabzo flaye con sedie aye in noce
cucina legno naturale linee in noce
cucina legno massello linee
Letto nox in noce
Scaffale cubus con vetro in legno massello
Nuova immagine.JPG

Riva 1920 pays great attention on selecting the best materials to be used in their furniture collection, characterized by reliability and long duration. The quality of the raw materials is at the base of the production process and starts with the choice of the most prestigious wood together with wood coming from controlled reforestation areas.

Every element undergoes detailed tests to verify quality and functionality and uses vinyl glues and are finished with oil and natural wax, the guarantee of a 100% natural product.

Cucina Grangusto
La Cucina
Pinocchio my book
Avant&Avant open
Tavolo Kauri Beam
Divano Heritage
Natura 6
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