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What do we do?

We plan and we furnish your space, by supporting you in the choice of finishes and materials. We work together with you to make your "house" your "home".
From the materials of more technical design, to the warmth of solid wood, we put at your service our experience to help you choose products near to you.
We also take care of you at work, during relaxation and rest, selecting the best for your comfort.

Our proposal includes ergonomic seats, relax armchairs, bed bases and mattresses.

And if you want to decorate your house with natural products, we offer the quality of Auro products and we choose together your wooden floor.
Among our suppliers: Pedini Cucine, Lago, Team7, Riva1920, Mazzali Armadi, Dorsal, Varier, Stressless...


Our suppliers

 We  work with some of the most important companies in natural or design furnishing, including Pedini, Team7, Riva1920 and  Varier, and we are proud of the projects we're pursuing.

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